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“My experience at Interlangues was the most awesome experience in my life. I met wonderful people from all around the world, I felt that I was part of a big family. Interlangues is my second home and I’m really happy to experience Canadian culture.”

Diana, Colombia


“Thank you for this great experience, it was amazing! I was really sad to leave you because of the good atmosphere in the group. The survey was the best activity because we were working as a team, talking directly to people. Interlangues Language School is probably the new best way of thinking and teaching English. People in this school are working around a common project.”

Daniel, France


“I learned a lot of things in here, met great classmates, teachers and staff of Interlangues.”

Fuko, Japan


“Interlangues is a beautiful place that has been much more than a school; it’s been a wonderful shelter, a stimulative environment, full of friendly and sunny people. I really enjoyed every class, every outdoor activity. Students all around the world have the chance to join this interactive school program and this is great! At Interlangues, what makes you different makes you beautiful. Not to mention the quality of the teaching process. It really helps you to improve your language skills.”

Anca, Romania

Claude Metrailler, Switzerland

Tamara Varela, Chile

Anis Rouabhi, Algeria