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Name and nicknames: Barbara “The Captain”
Position at Interlangues: Communications Director-International Programs
Education: Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), Bachelor of Arts
Universidad Autonoma (Madrid, Spain), Spanish and Art History
Languages spoken: English (Canadian and American), French, Spanish
Countries I’ve lived in: France, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Bahamas, and U.S.A.
Countries I’ve visited: Hong Kong, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Portugal, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hawaii (technically the USA, but super cool)
Favorite part of my job: Sharing in the excitement of our students experiences-students get to meet friends from all over the world and learn a new language and culture. Very cool!
Favorite foods: Indian, Mexican, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Pizza, Pasta, anything greasy and vegetarian!
Favorite movies: Clueless, The End, Anchorman, Bridget Jones Diary
Favorite music: Old School Hip Hop, Samba, 80’s Eurotrash
Favorite books: The Beach, Hotel New Hampshire, Valley of the Dolls, any travel book or guide book